Stay Wise this Winter, Stay Warm

Winter is coming! 

It’s November already, and we’re all starting to feel the cold creep in. 

As the temperature starts to drop you may have found yourself reaching for the thermostat to fend off the chills. Many will be worried about that dreaded winter energy bill.

No one likes to feel cold in their own home. No one should have to. 

So we’ve put together our top ten list of tips and tricks to help you stay warm until Spring, all while lowering your energy bills.

Making some minor changes to the way you use your energy can save you major money. 

down-arrow   Dial it down! – turning down the thermostat just 1°C can save you £50 a year! Simply wearing a jumper inside the house can make you feel warmer, and keep your bills down. 

down-arrow   Use draught excluders to block cold air coming in under your doors, and check your windows for draughts and cold air coming in. If you have draughty windows, you can buy draught proofing from most hardware stores and easily fit it yourself to save money. Stopping this cold air means more heat kept inside, a lower energy bill and a warmer home. If you have a chimney, make sure it is sealed up when not in use.

down-arrow   Programmable thermostats and smart heating controls allow you to customise your heating patterns and control your heating system, even from outside the house. This means you can switch your heating off from anywhere in the world and save money on heating an empty house. 

down-arrow   Cover up – if you have tiled floors, try covering the floor up with a rug to keep your home warm underfoot. 

down-arrow   Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) allow you to control each radiator individually. This means you can turn the heat off completely or partially in rooms you don’t use often, and save heaps on your heating.

down-arrow   Close the curtains and blinds at night to block cold air from coming in. Thick curtain linings help to insulate your windows more overnight. 

down-arrow   Make sure your heating system is working efficiently. A service should be carried out yearly on your boiler, to make sure it is working as efficiently as possible and you are getting the right bang for your buck!

down-arrow   Make the switch – see if you can switch energy suppliers and save money on your bills. Top tip: some suppliers now offer energy from 100% renewable sources, meaning you can use your consumer power to influence change and lower carbon emissions. 

down-arrow Keep your radiators clear. Make sure there is clearance between your radiators and any furniture, and avoid using radiators to dry clothes or towels, as this prevents them from heating your house. 

down-arrow   Keep your doors closed. Even the ones between rooms. This means you’ll keep all the heat inside your main rooms (body heat or heat from electronics like computers or televisions) and avoid losing heat to unoccupied rooms. 

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