Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation is often overlooked when considering insulation for your home, but can be a great way of keeping your property warm and reduce drafts. 

Any ground floor, or floor above an unheated space (like a garage) would benefit from underfloor insulation. 

Most homes have suspended timber floors, which can be insulated from underneath with minimal disruption. Solid floors can be insulated as well, by laying rigid boards on top.

Fuel bill saving (£/year)£70£40£25£60

Insulating your ground floor can save up to £70 a year, and importantly will reduce draughts coming into your home from below and make your feet feel warmer – meaning you won’t need to run the heating as much. 

Installing underfloor insulation

Fitting underfloor insulation typically takes around half a day, depending on the size of your property, and how easy it is to access the space underneath your floor.

One of our insulation experts will go under the floor and fit insulation between the joists to stop the heat from escaping your home.

Funding for underfloor insulation

Funding grants are available for underfloor insulation which could entitle you to a FREE installation under the government ECO scheme.

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