Party Wall Insulation

Stop the circulation of cold air between your home and your neighbour. Party wall insulation is a cost-effective solution to a cold shared wall. 

What is a party wall? 

Put simply, it’s the wall between your house, and your neighbour’s house.

Often, the wall that divides your property from your neighbour is built with a cavity – this helps to reduce noise from the other side, but it also allows cold air to circulate. This means both will lose heat and spend more heating their homes. 

Filling the cavity with insulation will prevent the circulation of cold air between the properties, and stop you losing heat through the party wall without compromising the sound insulation you already have.

Installing party wall insulation

Party wall insulation is very quick to install, and usually only takes a couple of hours.

Using specialist equipment our expert fitters will insert insulation into the wall. Once the whole wall has been filled, your installer will refill the holes in the wall.

Funding for party wall insulation

Funding grants are available for party wall insulation which could entitle you to a FREE installation under the government ECO scheme.

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