Heat Pump Servicing

Wise Energy provides quick and reliable air source heat pump servicing throughout the North West. Our service plans make the whole process simple and hassle free, leaving you with peace of mind and a warm home. To book a service or to benefit from our Wise Service plan, simply give us a call on 0800 038 28 20 or fill out our quick form below. 

Why should I service my heat pump?

There are many reasons why a regular service to your air source heat pump is important. Here are a few:

Keep your system running at peak efficiency

Any small issues with your heat pump can cause big drops in efficiency, resulting in higher bills and a less comfortable home. Our engineer will make sure everything is working as it should be.

Keep your warranty valid

To make sure your heat pump stays under warranty, the manufacturer will require that a regular service is performed. An annual service from our qualified engineers will ensure that your warranty remains valid and your heat pump is covered.

Catch small issues before they escalate

During a service the engineer will check for any little issue that could become a bigger problem over time – getting ahead of these issues can prevent unexpected breakdowns and more expensive repairs later on.

Make sure your heat pump lasts a long time

Regularly servicing the heat pump means making sure all of it’s part are in top condition, preventing undue wear and tear and extending the lifetime of the system.

To book a service or to take advantage of our service plan offers, give us a call today on 0800 038 28 20 or fill out our quick and easy form below.

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