Fracked – The Future is Green, Not Gas

“Fracking will not be allowed to proceed in England.” 

The government announced recently that the extraction of shale gas through hydraulic fracturing (fracking) will face a nationwide moratorium, with immediate effect. Ongoing activity as well as further developments have been banned.

The decision will be well received in Lancashire where Cuadrilla has already apologised to the community after multiple “significant” and “unacceptable” tremors were recorded as a result of fracking operations.

The ban has also been hailed by environmental organisations as a positive step in the fight against the climate crisis. 

The government ban has already raised questions about “gas security” and alternative sources of natural gas for the UK in the future, citing high import tariffs and the questionable security of many gas-producing nations. 

The answer couldn’t be clearer: scrap gas and go green. Now is the time. 

A Future Free of Gas

Record-breaking amounts of renewable energy are now being produced in the UK, at a lower price per unit than ever before.

Advanced heating technologies such as air source heat pumps can use this clean energy to generate heat for the nation’s homes, at a fraction of the cost.

Why carry on paying for gas with our wallets and our climate, when the alternative has never been so obvious?

Air source heat pumps can not only lower energy bills for every home in the UK. They provide an efficient and renewable way to heat our homes and hot water using the cheaper, cleaner and greener energy that we are already producing. 

Instead of talking about where we can get more gas, it’s time to look at the alternatives. 

We have the technology. 

It’s time for change. 

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