A Greener Future

The UK (and indeed the World) is going through a time of great uncertainty – but that doesn’t mean we’re helpless

We don’t know what the future holds for our climate and our economy. Carbon emissions are still climbing. Fracking in the UK has been banned. Oil prices have skyrocketed amidst escalating tensions in the middle east. Closer to home, Brexit casts doubt over future sources – and prices – of natural gas.

It’s time to adapt, and take a careful look at the way we heat our homes. We can future-proof our country against uncertainty and doubt.

The UK’s renewable electricity generation is at an all time high – for the first time ever, we are generating more cheap, clean energy through renewables than through fossil fuels, and we’re doing it in our own back yard. 

There has never been a better opportunity for change.

More than half of the energy we use goes to heating our homes. A transition to more efficient and renewable sources of heat will have a huge impact on our country’s emissions, and leads the way to a fuel-independent nation with a strong and secure energy economy. 

We have the technology – air source heat pumps have been in use in Scandinavia and many other parts of the world for decades. They are up to 4 times more efficient than a gas boiler, they are tried and tested, and they operate with zero carbon emissions.

Heat pumps pave the way for a cleaner, greener future. A future where we no longer rely on other countries and pay for them to provide us with polluting oil and gas. Instead, we can generate our own clean electricity and use it to heat our homes. 

There has never been a better time to say goodbye to gas and go green. The opportunity is in our hands, and we must seize it now. 


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