Boiler Servicing by Trusted, Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Boiler Servicing North West

No problem, Wise energy’s gas safe registered engineers can service your boiler annually, we will also send reminders each year when your service is due to ensure your warranty is valid.

Need a boiler service?

Your annual boiler service is more important than you think for several reasons.

With any new boiler installation you will be offered a number of years warranty included with your boiler on the basis that your boiler is serviced annually.

Ensuring your boiler receives a service will not only keep your warranty valid for as many years as agreed upon installation, it can also help reduce your fuel bills as a qualified engineer will make sure it is running as efficiently as possible and that there are no problems. It can also save you money on unexpected repairs throughout the year as the engineer may spot any minor issue which if left untreated could cause a larger problem later on in your boilers life.

A faulty boiler can also be extremely dangerous for your whole household, including issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning. A gas safe engineer will check for instances such as this during the service.

To book a service or make an enquiry you can get in touch via the online enquiry form, call 0800 038 28 20 or email